Methods Of Payment

We offer many methods of payment for our services, these include:


cash_payment_iconThe most popular method of payment, our cleaners can knock at your door after cleaning your bin if preferred and if your unavailable they will simply pop a card through your door to let you know they have cleaned your bin, this card will also have our schedule for evening callbacks as well as contact info including a private contact number for the particular cleaning crew that cleans your bin.


Each of our vans now carry a card reader system that allows the customer to pay at their own door via bank card, These new card readers offer a digital receipt sent straight to your phone or email address and also accept all many of cards including Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB, American Express & Master Card aswell as Apple Pay & Android.

DIRECT DEBIT (Standing Order)

direct debit logoA trouble free way to pay for cleaning, we can simply provide you with details to pay for our services automatically without the worry of not being home when we call.


bank_transfer_enMany of our customers prefer to do block payments for cleaning, often taking advantage of our ‘ADVANCED PAYMENT’ offers such as 6x Cleans for £10 or 12x Cleans for £20. Most of who choose to pay this with a bank transfer.


paypal_logoA method of payment becoming more and more popular with customers, simply send the amount payable to our company email address and your done in seconds.
(All customers are provided with details for PayPal payment after each and every clean on our ‘Methods Of Payment’ cards that we post through each customers door)


palpal-example-1Here is an example done using the PayPal app on a mobile phone, this can also be done on a desktop computer by simply logging in to the PayPal website and going through the same motions.


Select ‘Send Payment’


Enter company email address ‘’ (Always double check this email for errors as it is long)


As demonstrated to the right, please select ‘FRIENDS AND FAMILY’ to avoid charges, failure to do so will result in the charge we receive being carried over to your next bill. Paypal is a great way of payment but it also carries heavy charges for transactions and we have not factored these into our prices.


Send… Your account will be updated automatically.



Methods of payment flyer BACK BLUE WITH WEBSITE 50pEvening callbacks for payment take place every night of the week and are ran by a strict timetable that is posted through your letter box every time you are unavailable for payment at the time of cleaning. The timetable will indicate the day & time period in which we will be calling back and also provide you with a direct contact number to the van and crew that cleans your bin, we urge all of our customers to give that number a call/text when they see this timetable leaflet as the van that cleans you bin will only be a couple of roads away in most cases and this can avoid an evening callback to you address altogether.


mans hand using door knocker on wood effect upvc door cold calling householdFrom May 2015 there will be a small charge of £0.50 added for Evening Callbacks, This will only affect those who need a physical callback from us but can still be avoided with a simple call/text to the number on your leaflet. This is a decision we have thought long and hard about and seems the best way to combat financial loss rather than an overall price increase for our services. Our closest competitors in the business charge from £3.00 per clean so even with this small charge you can still be confident you are getting the best deal, the £0.50 will go towards fuel and wages for those extra hours we stay out.

We urge customers to speak to a member of our team and find the best method of payment, whether its Standing Order, PayPal, Bank Transfer or something as simple as leaving the money under a mat/plant pot, there is definitely an easy way around this charge and we are here to help. Communication is the key!

We thank you dearly for your loyalty, understanding and co-operation.

West Wirral Jetwash Services


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