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.. From Wirral’s No1 Wheelie bin Cleaning Service!



– Fortnightly Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service –

This offer is a little thank you from us for making our day go a little easier, As a result, saving us time and extra fuel/wages on evening callbacks. We pass the saving right back. 👍
(Offer applies only to those signed up to our fortnightly service)

– Monthly Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service –
  • 7x Cleans for £25.00 (28 weeks of cleaning)

This offer cover’s seven cleans for those signed up to our four weekly wheelie bin cleaning service, Whilst we can’t offer a huge discount on this offer, it is becoming popular with those signed up to monthly cleaning as it puts payment out of mind for over 6 months at a time.

(Offer applies only to those signed up to our monthly, 4 weekly services)

Note – When paying for this offer online please use the 10x cleans for £20.00 payment. When processed it will meet your account with us as 7x Monthly cleans.

– GREY BIN CLEANING SERVICE (subject to availability)


  • £3.50   Per Clean  / Per Month  –  (1x Grey Bin)

This grey wheelie bin cleaning service has very limited spaces available in Wirral, more in some area’s than others and simply no spaces in others. this extra grey wheelie bin cleaning service is very much a first come first served deal.  Click HERE to sign up.

Or enquire with a member of staff for an availability update.

(Please note: this service is only available to existing customers and to be run as an extra service on top of your current green bin cleaning service)

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