Looking To Make Use Of That Spare Wheelie Bin? | Wirral Wheelie Bin

WIRRAL WHEELIE BIN CLEANING | West Wirral Jetwash Services

I would like to first inform everybody that i dont spend my weekends looking at wheelie bins, i get my fill of that through Mon – Fri BUT i have been working on the website this weekend and did stubble across this which i thought was pretty cool, you can find the original blog here.

We clean thousands of peoples bins across Wirral and there are a few creative people who have made a wheelie bin their own but ive never seen anything like this.. from fully functional sound systems to cleverly made compost bins and just nice art.. they are all here..

feedme-412x550 AxXzltWCIAE2HQU 166694_10150155440125744_699750743_8381398_1061232_n WHEELIEBINS3 WHEELIEBINS2 WHEELIEBINS1


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